Pokemon: Jessica Flint

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Pokemon: Jessica Flint

Post  Scilia on Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:45 pm

Name: Jessica Flint

Age: 21

Personality: Jessica is a quiet persona, many would refer to her as mysterious. She is also somewhat of a trouble maker and often resolves all her problems with Pokemon Battles. She does not believe in Pokemon friendship and only sees them as tools to achieve goals in her life, she hates people who befriend them.

Profession: Pokemon Trainer, unemployed.

Appearance: Jessica has a golden head of hair, reaches her lower back, with a single blue dyed strand on her left. Brown eyes, pale and slightly taller than the average age group height. She wears a black tank top with a black and blue back pack. A blue, finger less, glove on her left and blue jeans held up by a black studded belt. Black military boots.

Goal: To one day open and run her own Pokemon Gym.

Pokémon companion(s): Drowzee, Mr. Mime and Kirlia

Info: She keeps her Pokemon in shape by training with them daily, she currently does odd jobs for people trying to gather the money necessary to open up her own Gym and get the license required to make her badge a requirement for the Indigo League. Her parents passed away when she was young but her grandparents took her in before her uncle got her guardianship, she left him at the age of 14 when she cought her first Pokemon, a weakened Drowzee to the border of Saffron City.

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Re: Pokemon: Jessica Flint

Post  Kaylia on Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:38 pm

Hmm, makes my curious.
I've never ever been able to think of Pokémon as just tools for the trainer, I suppose that's because I so desperately always want a dog, a pet.
I wonder if she'll soften up from her first apparent coldness, and I wonder if that coldness is from her parents death, and who'se the Uncle!
I find the name also interesting.
Can't wait to encounter her!
- Quick mention, since my/Kitongoo and Phzaleir's characters have just entered a clothes store, there is oppotunity to place a character there. -smile- Incase anyones interested.

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