Pokemon: Brade's Bio

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Pokemon: Brade's Bio

Post  Phzaleir on Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:21 pm

Brade Narsus, Son of Gareth Narsus and Marina Narsus. A wealthy breeding family, Gareth Narsus is a great pokemon breeder, he keeps a wide ranch filled with all manner of pokemon taking care of them and looking after them. Brade was one of four of Gareth's sons, Bareth, Barin, and Brett. Brade was always the black sheep of the family he cared more for the physics of pokemon and the welfare, how to make them stronger and less likely to get hurt. Herbs, potions anything that would enable him to gain the upper hand. Brade wants nothing more than to be a great trainer, but seeing as his brothers have all moved on to be Pokemon Rangers theres no one else to take on the Narsus legacy, brade knew it fell down to him. Gareth's specialty is mainly on Donphan, Donphan are a real prize in the region, Gareth breeds them strong and healthy and pokemon trainers, even proffessors will either purchase them or befriend them. Donphan's tusks are worth so much more, which is what many of the bandits in the region wanted.

One night on a solar eclipse a group of bandits raided the ranch, killing at least 4 -5 bull Donphan, the bulls tusks were a prize, one tusk alone could buy a house. Imagine two, The bandits raided the ranch and Gareth sounded the city alarm. Brade was only 7 years of age at the time, and had the bravery of 100 warriors. He jumped out into the fields and pushed one of the female bandits on to the ground. Gareth yelled at Brade to come back in but he never listened. The female got back up and laughed kicked brade on to the ground. Brade's eyes widened as the woman brought out a rusty old skinning knife. The Donphan was lying flat on the ground infront of her, still alive but in shock. Brade yelled "Don't". Brade watched as the rusty knife penetrated the underbelly skin of the Donphan, he watched as those scared eyes faded into a lifeless shell. Brade's heart filled with rage. One of the Donphan females was alot larger in size than most of the males, she proved harder to pin down. She had already killed one of the bandits by ramming them with her tusks. She had sustained an enormous amount of damage, but at last the authorites had come, the Growlithe's belonging to the authorities chased away the remainder of the bandits some were arrested. Yet the damage would never be forgotten. Brade never said much after then, he became scared most of the time, a coward some would say. His heart still wants to kill those who tortured those pokemon. The female that chased away all the bandits, later passed away due to her estensive wounds, but she had five offspring to reward Gareth with before she could move on. One of which was handed to Brade.

Brade now aged 19, started out his journey with a goal of becoming a strong breeder, he wanted to get out and see the world. With Phanpy along side him he had no better company than his new partner.. but what lies ahead???

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