Zombie Apocalypse: Joseph Brooks

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Zombie Apocalypse: Joseph Brooks

Post  Tsugawa on Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:49 pm

Name: Joseph Brooks

Age: 34

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

Height: 6'2

Build: Strong and bulk.

Profession: Military Commander, Secret Service.

Scars or Tattoos: Joseph has a tattoo of his Military Organization on his right arm. A rose with daggers as thorns. He has numerous scars all around his body from battles and wars he has faced in his career, his most noticeable one, a flesh wound on his right cheek.

Era: Future

Clothes: Joseph has a Bioengineered Bullet proof vest, tight on the skin but with the power to stop bullets. It's sleeveless and black in colour, it has the ability to change its colour depending on the surface it touches, advanced camouflage. His cargo jeans are of the same material.

Weapons: An assault rifle, armor piercing rounds, it shoots in bursts of three, the ammo capacity depends on it's charge. Runs on electricity. A python, six round revolver, an antique in Joseph's time but a family heirloom.

Persona: Joseph is a level headed soldier, cold and ruthless yet compassionate when required, his motto is "No one gets left behind" which has cost him a few missions in the future. He often takes commanding role. Joseph has a soft spot for children, a trait developed when he lost his son and wife during a war in the future.

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