Zombie Apocalypse RP: Adruestan and Adaryth Bios.

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Zombie Apocalypse RP: Adruestan and Adaryth Bios.

Post  Kaylia on Mon Mar 14, 2011 8:29 pm

Adruestan the Merciless, Sorcerer of Runegade, and his concubine Adaryth the Twisted.
Adruestan, Co-leader of a barbarian outcast rebellion with Glothglyyd the Bloody.

Name: Adruestan Runegade

Age: Middle twenties.

Height: 6'2"

Build: Muscled, bulky, barbarian used to fighting every other day and lots of exercise.

Profession: Co-leader of barbarian outcast rebellion against the old King.
Warrior. Pillager. Looter. Sorcerer. etc.

Distinguishing Marks: Chest, arms, and shoulder covered in tattoos, up his neck and up the right side of his jaw. Purple eyes. Scarred.

Appearance: Dark hair, purple and violet shot eyes, neither pale nor tan.
Rough, violent looking and just a little bit sinister.

Era: Era around King Arthur.

Weapons: Sword. Dagger. Magic.

Clothes: (in layers>) Simply cloth garments, parts chainmail, leather armour, furs, belts and harnesses with gold buckles, shoulder pads with gold clock buckle, metal heart plate with gold jewels at its three corners, cloak.
Adruestan wears tanned leather, chainmail and plate parts made by the smithies, and the furs of bears and wolves he kills. His concubine mends his armour for him more often than not, putting in new parts for extra protection in weak areas. His armour is an ongoing project of repair and disrepair.
Under his armour he has normal cloth to ptotect his skin, then his armour layer consistent of thick leather sewn with chainmail.
He appears to only wear leather with his harnesses and belts, save for the metal plate strapped over his heart for extra protection, and the shoulder pads, (with easy latches for his fur-lined cloak.)
Gold rings. 'Warriors bling'

Persona: Adruestan is a git.

Name: Adaryth (just Adaryth, she lost her right to a last name when she became Adruestan's concubine.)

Age: 20 (mental age of 6 half the time, and a whore the rest.)

Height: 5'4"

Build: Slim and curvey, just what a big barbarian likes to see. But just because she looks helpless and fragile, doesn't mean she is. Adaryth has well built muscles from a young life of work, and then fighting and riding with Adruestan. (and other stuff..)

Profession: Concubine. Keeping Adruestan happy. Keeping Adruestan's home well kept, doing the chores in him home, mending his clothes and healing his wounds. (and other stuff..)

Distinguishing Marks: Adaryth has very light green eyes, almost eerie in their unnatural glow. She has a scar on her cheekbone, and a scar on her lower lip, as well as a chunk of her left ear missing.

Appearance: Dark golden hair, green eyes, fair pale skin.

Era: (see above)

Clothes: Fur-lined leather bodice with gold cloak buckle, leather leggings (split down the thighs for Adruestan's enjoyment.) fur-lined belt with gold buckle, bracers. Three golden jeweled studs in each ear at the top. Lots of gold ornements for battle, rings, bicep bands, neck band with jewel.
'Warriors bling'

Weapons: Magic demon whip. Magic.

Persona: Flirtatious, teasing, moody.

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