Zombie Apolcalypse RP: Barthius Leronius

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Zombie Apolcalypse RP: Barthius Leronius

Post  Phzaleir on Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:04 pm

Barthius Leronius, a gladiator for the Roman Empire, captured in the great Library of Alexandria as a boy of his studies, he was trained as a gladiator for the amusement of the emperor, Alexander the Great. Now a man, he plans his escape and to slaughter the emperor.

Name: Barthius Leronius - As a Gladiator he was called The Bellator, the Latin word for Brave.

Age: 30

Height: 6,5

Build: Barthius is rather buff, his body and defined muscles is just full of masculinity.

Profession: Gladiator & Assasin.

Distinguishing Marks: Roman cress burned onto his skin as a sign of trade in the business of Gladiators. Also two fine scars over his left eye.

Appearance: Short jet black hair, blue eyes, light skin. Specific armour was forged for each Gladiator, Barthius had his own. His consisted of a helmet made of bronze with silver plated, The helmet covered his eyes and nose, molded in the shape of a Lion. His chest armour was leather rather than a metal chest plate, leather was prefered by him for more mobility. His right arm was lathered in the Bronze and silver Mix, molded like a sheet of armor down his arm. Obviously over time, due to wear and tear his armour looked well used.

Era: Roman Era.

Weapons: Barthius' always was given a choice of weapon but he would always puck the same, his sharp sword and netting. The netting would be to imprison the victim making them vunerable.

Persona: Barthius is a cold hearted person little favor for the weak, his heart is filled with revenge and whoever stands in his way 'will surely meet a fate worse than death' as he so lightly put it.

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