Zombie Apocalypse: Christopher Smith (Present Day)

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Zombie Apocalypse: Christopher Smith (Present Day)

Post  Scilia on Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:24 pm

Name: Christopher Smith

Age: 33

Eyes: Left Green, Right Blue

Hair: Brown

Hight: 6'0

Build: Average

Profession: Biochemist and Nuclear Physicist.

Scars or Tattoos: None.

Era: Present Day

Clothes: A blue shirt and tie, white lab coat. Brown trousers and elegant brown shoes. He always carries a blue, red and black pen in his coat pocket.

Weapons: None

Persona: Dr. Christopher Smith is undergoing a heavy depression after having lost his wife to cancer. Due to the loss he fell victim to alcohol abuse and on the drive one night him and his son drove off of a cliff in the outskirts off town, himself being the only survivor. Three children died, including his son Mathew, as well as the other kids parents. To this day he blames himself for the accident and has used all of his time and government money to try and control space rifts and use its power to go back to that day and prevent the even from happening. Christopher Smith is the cause of the Zombie Outbreak (Discussed this with Mike and we both agree it can have an awesome impact to the story later on.)


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