Escion: Dyheid the Thein-Tirin.

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Escion: Dyheid the Thein-Tirin.

Post  Kaylia on Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:33 pm

Name: Dyhisaraneheid - Dyheid (Die-hee-id)
Age: Adult Fairy
Birth Location: In a fairy hive south two miles from Yaleinda Nexus base.
Faction: Yaleinda Nexus and Family.
Rank: (unknown as of yet)

(as dipicted in the Theiniliastiarenditirin species sheet in RP Worlds>Escion.)
Bald, placid grey skin, dark grey skin pattern, black eyes.
His pattern runs from the third eye back over the head, down the spine and wraps around his legs, down from his third eye over his eyes down his neck and down his arms.
He wears a balck shirt and black trousers in his humanoid form, sometimes a jacket if he feels like manifesting it.
His Nexus tattoo is on the underside of his wrist, the most non-offencive place he could think to have it.

Teeth, claws, magic. Sometimes he will manifest a dagger if he feels like it.
His magic is based on shape-shifting and manifesting things already in existance (probably kept somewhere hidden in the Nexus base.)

Normal Ways of Killing: strangulation, eating alive, ripping heart out and eating it first, ice knife through the heart, suffocation, removing head, breaking limbs eating them and then killing later. Depends on the mood.

Dyheid is vague, flippant and patient, but by the breath of your soul don't make him angry.

Dyheid and his 'family' moved into Yaleinda Nexus base with permission from Number 1, taking over the nooks and crannies that normal people don't get into. (such as in the walls, in the rafters of the attic, under the floorboards and any other closed off area with no access save a small hand span crack.)
His 'family' ranges from about twenty up, but they stay out of the Nexus crew's way for the most part, instead harbouring in their dark corners and only coming out with Dyheid, their leader.
Dyheid repays the Nexus by working in manual labour for them (though if you said that to him he might kill you for it.), coming on angel hunting missions to feed on the otherwise wasted magic, taking groups of his family out with him.

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