Create your champion: Slodius

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Create your champion: Slodius

Post  Scilia on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:53 pm

Name: Slodius
Arena Name: Slodius, The Winged Demon and Champion of the Retiarii.
Hair: Short Brown.
Facial Hair: None
Eyes: Amber brown,
Body: Muscular, defined.
Height: 6'4ft
Scars: Down his right eye, from forehead stretching to his lower lip. Two diagonal slashes down his chest and stomach, from right to left. A horizontal slash on his back that runs across his shoulder blades.
Weapon/s: Fascina and net. A gold plated trident that splits down the middle and is attached through chain, separated at wielders command. The bottom of the trident contains a scimitars blade, firmly secured.
Armor: Galerus, Greave, Manica and a horned Galea.
Fighting Style: Long Range Fishermen.
Attributes: Speed and Endurance,
House: Lucius.

History: In Development.

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