Guild Wars 2: Azariel Mist.

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Guild Wars 2: Azariel Mist.

Post  Tsugawa on Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:06 pm

My name is Azariel Mist, I am a Sylvari, and a Human. My tainted blood plagues my dreams, my nightmares. I fight to free myself. My name bears a heavy burden upon me, my Human ancestry holds my name with great pride, The Angel of Death, Azariel Mist, her blood is mine and the weight of her name falls upon my shoulders. Born in Shing Jea Island, Canthan Province, she was brought up as an Assassin during the Revival and Invasion of Shiro Tagachi, the slayer of Emperor Angsiyan. Azariel was chosen along with other brave heroes to eliminate the betrayer, there she brought honor to her Family and gained the name Angel of Death. As a reward she was adorned with a suit of Armor, white Angelic robes, to signify her pure intentions, and blackened wings, to signify her merciless soul. Azariel traveled to Tyria when news broke out that the Lich Lord was building an army, the Orrian undead, in order to fulfill the Flameseeker Prophecies by obtaining the Scepter of Orr to gain the control of the Titan army and take over Tyria. With his blood on her hands she became a Legend among men and thus she was call upon by the far away lands of Elona to return the Banished God, Abaddon, back to the Realm of Torment. It was in that fight, The Mouth of Torment serving as battle field, where Azariel sacrificed herself and allowed her faithful allies to deliver the final blow to Abaddon.

I walk under a huge shadow, almost cursed by bearing this name, but like her, I will bring honor to my family. The Elder Dragons have awakened and I will put a stop to them. With the head of Primordus, The heart of Jormag, the tail of Kralkatorrik, the soul of Zhaitan and the blood of their champions on my blade I will bring pride to my name, to my family and free myself of these nightmares. I am Azariel Mist, a Thief, and this is my story...

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