Escion: Yaleinda Nexus: Regios

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Escion: Yaleinda Nexus: Regios

Post  Tsugawa on Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:23 pm

Name: Regios Valentine
Age: 24
Date Of Birth: 47th Clise
Moon: Septa
Birth Location: Bridge, Sector 27: Federak
Faction: Yaleinda Nexus

Hair: Medium Length, unkept, red.
Eyes: Blue Eyes.
Height: 6'2 ft
Weight: Unkown
Regios wears his official YN cargo pants, black with a yellow strip running down the sides. A sleeves less shirt with the clan crest embedded on the left chest. He carries his .45 modified Magnum, Serina, strapped on his leather holster which hangs from his shoulders and strapped to his chest. He has a deep scar running across his abdomen, obtained when attacked by an Angel in one of his trips to Yaleinda for restocking, the Yaleinda Nexus saved him and he has then joined their ranks, providing them with weapons and fighting for the cause.

Regios is one cocky and arrogant person, he truly believes he's the best, his skill in fighting is good but due to his conflicting personality he is unable to rise in Ranks. Although born in Federak he has livid most of his life in New Kilesk, owning his own weapons shop, Iron Sights. This makes him a very dangerous person when he wants to be as he can turn anything into a weapon, so best not get on his bad side. Part of his arrogance comes from his contaminated blood as a result of a skirmish with an Angel.

Particle absorption and reconstruction.

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