Guild Wars 2 - Aode Trailblazer

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Guild Wars 2 - Aode Trailblazer

Post  Phzaleir on Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:37 pm

My name is Aode Trailblazer, I am Charr. Born in the ruins Ascalon I was raised by my mother Shadri Trailblazer and father Croc TrailbIazer, I am of the Blood legion and at the moment I am a Gladium, for those that don’t understand, it means I am without warband. I bare the burden’s of my father and his father and so on. I have orphaned many humans and I have ended many stories. Yet I face my ultimate challenge as a Gladium I seek my own warband, my own guild like team to fight as one against the dragons, Kralkatorrik, Primodus, Jourmag and Zhaitan.

I was trained as a cub as a warrior of Ascalon, according to my father I was born with the legacy of my ancestors, heroes that helped take over the original Ascalon when it once belonged to the humans. I am proud of that title. Though my hate for humans flows as easily as does a river, I, under orders from Rythlock Brimstone, my commander, have to respect them and work along side them. Regardless of my commander, if any stand in my way I will make short work of them and they will meet the wrong end of my blade.

My name is Aode Trailblazer, and this is my story...

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